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Project Overview
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Data Skills Online is a web-based, self-instructional Maternal and Child Health toolbox. The purpose of Data Skills Online is to provide public health professionals at state and local levels with analytic and technology skills tools focused on quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.

The overall goal of Data Skills Online is to train MCH professionals to apply analytic and technical skills in their day-to-day job responsibilities, including:

  • Working with population-based data;
  • Developing and reporting on measures for the Title V Block Grant Application;
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress on specific program activities; and
  • Developing strategies to meet the needs of the MCH population.

Each tool has clear learning objectives, MCH-specific examples and self-test activities, and a glossary of new terms. The time for tool completion varies from one to three hours, depending on the subject matter. Tools will be developed on an ongoing basis.

There is no charge to access or complete tools, and participants may print certificates of completion.