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Note: Due to an upgrade of WebCT, the courseware program used to deliver the Data Skills Online tools, all user accounts (usernames and passwords) and records have been cleared. This means that if you have previously registered and created an account to access the tools, you will need to re-register and recreate an account in order to access them again.

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A technical skills test is available for you to practice your internet skills. Click on the "Tech. Skills Test" button located in the left margin of the screen to learn more about the test.

Analytic Tools

An Overview of Primary Data Collection Instruments

Learn more about the Primary Data tool

Designing Questionnaires

Learn more about the Designing Questionnaires tool

Developing an Analysis Plan for a Quantitative Study

Learn more about the Quantitative Study tool

Economic Analysis in Maternal and Child Health

Learn more about the Economic Analysis tool

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Learn more about the GIS tool

How to Conduct a Health Services Needs Assessment for CSHCN

Learn more about the Needs Assessment tool

Measuring Maternal Morbidity

Learn more about the Maternal Morbidity tool

Qualitative Research and Data Analysis

Learn more about the Qualitative Research tool

Understanding Title V Performance Measures and the Title V Information System

Learn more about the Performance Measures tool

Using PRAMS Data to Report Title V Performance Measures

Learn more about the PRAMS tool

Web Resources and Descriptive Statistics for Investigating Infant Mortality Factors

Learn more about the Infant Mortality tool


Technical Tools

Browser Basics and Searching

Learn more about the Browser Basics tool

 Creating Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel

Learn more about the Creating Spreadsheets tool

One-Stop Shopping for Public Health Data

Learn more about the One-Stop Shopping tool

Subscribing to a List

Learn more about the Subscribing to a List tool

Web Design

Learn more about the Web Design tool

Access Part 1: Designing a Relational Database

Learn more about the Access Part 1 tool

Access Part 2: Tables

Learn more about the Access Part 2 tool

Access Part 3: Queries

Learn more about the Access Part 3 tool

Access Part 4: Forms

Learn more about the Access Part 4 tool

Access Part 5: Reports

Learn more about the Access Part 5 tool

Plug-In Support Documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader and RealOne

Adobe Acrobat Reader and RealOne are applications that allow you to view Portable Document Format (PDF) and multimedia documents on the Web. The following tutorials include practice exercises and will assist you in downloading, installing, and using these applications.

Downloading and using Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0

Downloading and using RealOne

Downloading Flash Player 6

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